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Drew Haines

Drew Haines is an animal enthusiast and travel writer. She loves to share her passion through her writing.

She graduated high school at sixteen and started her own business, Everywhere Wild Media. And she runs Everywhere Wild and JustBirding. She also guest blogs on Storyteller.Travel

She lived in Ecuador for 6 years and explored the Galapagos Islands. Currently based in N.S., Canada.

Chickens lay eggs. This we know. But many animals lay eggs beside the famous chicken. Here’s our huge guide to animals that lay eggs. Animals that lay eggs include birds (ostriches and hummingbirds), insects (bees and butterflies), fish (sharks and sunfish), amphibians and reptiles, coral, and even mammals (platypus and echidna). Guide to Egg Laying …

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Looking to see some adorable baby elephants? You’ve come to the right place! We will show you tons of adorable photos and videos. Plus, we’ll answer all your questions about baby elephants. What’s adorable, gray, and wrinkly all over? Baby elephants of course! They are the cutest little bundles of joy you’ll ever see. Get …

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