Looking to learn about moray eels? You’re in the right place, we’ve got everything you want to know: diet, habitat, behavior, and more! 34 Moray Eel Facts They have sharp, jagged teeth. They’re covered in toxic slime. They devour their prey with a set of double jaws. They are some scary animals. Moray eels are [...]

Looking to learn about the gorgeous blue-tongued skinks? You’re in the right place. Here, we’ll cover everything you want to know: diet, habitat, 8 different species, and more! Blue-tongued skinks are colorful little lizards that are full of quirks. Not only do they have long, crayon-colored tongues, but they can also hatch eggs inside of [...]

Looking to learn about some adorable little mammals? You’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about quokkas; habitat, diet, why they smile, and how to take the perfect selfie. 50 Quokka Facts With their round cheeks and happy smiles, quokkas have been dubbed some of the [...]

Looking to learn about the adorable Honduran white bat? You’re in the right place! Here I’ll tell you all about them: diet, habitat, and fun facts. 23 Facts about the Honduran White Bat This largely unknown bat species is a unique feature of the bat family. Let’s get to know this beautiful little creature that [...]

Want to learn about purple pig-nosed frogs? Well, welcome to the funny farm, my friend. This slimy, lumpy, grayish-purple frog, dubbed “doughnut frog” is a freak of nature. How is it even real? In this post, you’ll learn about this guy’s diet, habitat, lifespan, and more. || Frogs have such a wide variety of colors [...]

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