Are you looking for some awesome ocean sunfish facts? I got 17 facts about these super wacko fish! What IS That Thing?! The ocean sunfish, a.k.a mola mola, may be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen; alive or otherwise. Flat, bumpy, wrinkly, and just plain ugly, the ocean sunfish won’t be winning any beauty [...]

Are you looking for some great facts about the Galapagos sally lightfoot crab? You’ve got them here, enjoy! Sally… What Now? The strange name is quite fitting for these funny little crustaceans. Sally lightfoot crabs are very entertaining. Why would someone sit around and watch crabs? If the shoe fits… I love these crabs, I find them quite amusing. [...]

Looking for some great Galapagos lava lizard facts? I knew you were, so I have 7 of them for your perusing pleasure! Fire Dragons! These little guys may not be ferocious fire-breathing dragons, but they’ve got the wow factor. Lava lizards, with their fire-colored scales, can be seen all over the Galapagos Islands. Aptly named, the lava [...]

Looking for some super cool Galapagos tortoise facts? You’ve got them; enjoy! The Friendly Giant The Galapagos tortoise is quite the sight; tall, scaly, and nearly pre-historic, it makes an entrance. They are the biggest tortoises in the world and among the longest-lived. Many people think that tortoise equals slow. However, the Galapagos tortoise went a [...]

Looking for some awesome facts about the Galapagos blue-footed booby? Enjoy these 11 far-out facts about these strange blue-footed birds! Blue-Footed Booby (You Know You Wanna Say It) Blue-footed boobies are definitely a different sort of bird. The first time I saw them was in the Galapagos when I was only ten. The blue feet and [...]

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