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Nocturnal Animals List: 114 Night-Loving Animals

Nocturnal Animals List: 114 Night-Loving Animals

Most living things can be categorized as either nocturnal or diurnal. Diurnal creatures are active during the day and sleep at night, like humans. Nocturnal creatures are the opposite – ...
Which Animal Has the Best Sense of Smell

Which Animal Has the Best Sense of Smell? Top 12 Animals

Some animals are famous for their sense of smell. For hunting, mating, or evading predators, a sense of smell is vital. Which animal has the best sense of smell? And ...
animals that live in trees

25 Animals That Live in Trees (5 Adaptations for Tree Living)

Most animals live on the ground or underwater. But what animals live in trees? Tree-dwelling animals do almost everything in the trees: feeding, sleeping, and raising their young. We'll focus ...
What do hummingbirds do in the winter

What Do Hummingbirds Do in the Winter? Migration, Food, Cold

With the chill of winter in the air, you might wonder what hummingbirds do to survive the cold months. What do hummingbirds do in the winter? Here's how they protect ...
do hummingbirds sleep

Do Hummingbirds Sleep? Sleep vs Torpor vs Hibernation

Hummingbirds have the fastest heartbeat on the planet, aside from the Estrucan shrew. One of the most incredible facts about hummingbirds is that their hearts beat 1260 beats per minute ...
animals that sweat

7 Animals That Sweat (8 Other Ways They Cool Down)

Do animals sweat? Yes, but it isn't very common. Some animals sweat in weird ways and much differently than humans. Here are the animals that sweat and other ways animals ...
animals with pouches

334 Animals With Pouches: Guide to All Marsupials

Many animals have pouches. You might think of kangaroos. But can you name more animals with pouches? Animals with pouches are called marsupials. They include gliders, opossums, possums, kangaroos, wombats, ...
animals that hibernate

25 Animals That Hibernate in Winter (Mammals, Insects, Amphibians)

Everyone knows about mammals like bears that hibernate. But what other animals hibernate in winter? There are surprising insects and amphibians on the list, even a primate! Animals that hibernate ...

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