About Everywhere Wild (and Drew Haines)


Hey! This is me… my name is Drew Haines; for those of you who are wondering, I'm not German and I'm a girl.

I'm seventeen and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada (yes, I know… “sorry eh? and all that junk). I lived abroad for six years and studied with a US school, so I gravitate more toward that way of writing and speaking.

Drew Haines

About Everwhere Wild, My Animal Blog

Everywhere Wild is dedicated to giving you interesting, funny, and accurate facts about (eventually) any animal you can name. I'm not talking about just the blueprints – name, latin name, weight, height, stuff like that – I'm talking about the good stuff. The stuff you've probably never heard before, even about the little guys in your backyard. Stuff that makes you laugh, the stuff that makes you go “awww!”, “ewww!” and “cool!”. All that good stuff! I like da good stuff!

Drew Haines everywhere wild

Hanging with a Galapagos Sea Lion (April 2013)

I wanted to start Everywhere Wild because I couldn't find an animal website with any personality. They were all so dry! Something today that is increasingly difficult is to find family-friendly things that are still interesting. So I thought, ‘hey, I'll just do it myself!'. Ta-da!

In light of the above said, I pledge to provide you with interesting, cool, and accurate animal info presented in a compelling, funny and enjoyable way.

This blog is for everyone, but I'm especially hoping that it will help you in your travels abroad. I want you to know what kind of animals you're going to see and I want you to get excited!

Drew Haines galapagos

The elusive blond tortoise… (April 2013)

If there is a special animal you want me to write about or a specific fact you'd like to know more about, tell me in the comments and I will do my best to cover it. Have fun!

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