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Symbiosis Definition: Videos, Examples, In a Sentence, Pronunciation

sym·bi·o·sis / sim.bye.oh.sis /

noun – a relationship between multiple animals and/or plants where they live together. This relationship can be mutualism, parasitism, or commensalism. Check out these individual pages for definitions!

a study note: typically, when you hear “symbiosis” on the internet, people are referring to a mutualistic relationship. Otherwise, we normally just say “parasitic” or “commensalistic” relationships.

related forms of symbiosis: symbiotic (an organism displaying symbiosis)

symbiosis in a sentence: The marine iguana and the sally lightfoot crab have formed a symbiotic relationship.

examples of symbiosis in nature: cats & people, flowers & bees, fleas & hosts, mosquitos & hosts, birds & trees

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