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53 Amazing Elephant Gifts (Clothes, Books, Kid Gifts for Elephant Lovers)

Looking for some amazing elephant gifts? You’ve come to the right place!! Here, we’ll cover funny elephant gifts, outdoor gifts, decor stuff, and tons of other stuff.

elephant gifts

Who loves elephants? Everyone!! Are you looking for a friend or yourself? Either way, we hope you’ll find something you love here. Take a look at our pics for the best elephant gifts on the market!

If you find something you like, you could always send a hint to a friend or family member by sending them a link to this post! 😉

Table of Contents

Elephant Figurine Gifts

1. Elephants on human hair

This is so amazing! It features 6 elephants perched on a human hair. It comes with a special holder so you can actually see the tiny little elephants.

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This is a little quirky but, for the right person, it’s a great conversation piece! The little elephants are so cute and well-done.

2. Elephant figurine family

Made by Warmtree, this Elephant family of three is so cute! They’re realistic and made of durable plastic, so they are great to look at and play with.

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With the largest of the three is only 3.9 inches tall, they are easy to take along on car trips.

So if the child in your life falls in love with these little guys, they can take them along everywhere!

3. Schleich African Elephant Family

For those who love brand power, Schleich delivers again! I’ve loved their brand for years and have tons of their figurines on my desk. These African Elephants do not disappoint.

Check current price on Amazon: Female, Male, Baby

The only drawback to these is that you have to buy each elephant separately, they don’t come in a pack. But, considering how easy online shopping is, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

These are a bit bigger than the previous, but they are also an easy bring-along with the biggest one being only 4.9 inches tall.

4. Schleich Asian Elephant Family

Don’t forget about Asian elephants! These little guys are so cute too.

Check current price on Amazon: Male, Female, Baby

These little dudes are hand-painted and realistic, also made by Schleich.

Getting the kid in your life (or yourself 😉) any of these elephants would be a treat. But getting them a gift pack of African and Asian Elephant families – they will be over the moon!

I love how the little baby has messy hair on his back, he’s adorable!!

5. Wood-looking elephant figure

Made of polyresin and featuring a wood-look finish, this elephant is gorgeous. He looks so proud!

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He also features gold-looking decorations and ivory-looking tusks. He would be a beautiful centerpiece!

6. Beautiful black elephant figurine

This elephant is so beautiful! I love the silver details and colorful blanket on his back. They stand out so well on the black color.

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Standing at around 6.5 inches tall, this beautiful little elephant would look great anywhere in your home; or that of a family member or friend.

7. Hand-painted elephant figurine

This beautiful elephant statue is also made of polyresin but hand-painted to look like wood. These are so beautiful!

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Another nice thing about these elephants is that you can buy one, or you can buy two of them. They are made so one will face right and one left, with their trunks meeting in the middle.

Outdoor Elephant Gifts

8. Canvas elephant wallet

This wallet is so cute! It is a dark navy with little white elephants and other geometric style designs. It’s even big enough to hold a 6-inch cellphone.

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It has a removable wrist strap, so it can easily fit in your bag or be carried in your hand.

9. Elephant travel duffle

This duffel is so cool. It comes with a small pouch on the front… that the whole bag can fold into! It’s made of great quality fabric and has a super cool rainbow zipper.

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The bag is waterproof and can hold 150 pounds. It’s a great travel bag, and since it can fold so small it’s super easy to store. The little elephants are so cute!

10. Elephant porch light

This adorable little elephant holds a battery-powered lantern. He has such a cute little grin!!

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Made of resin, this little guy is hand-painted and about 13.5 inches tall. He would look great on any porch and is sure to make everyone who sees it smile.

11. Small elephant garden statue

This little guy is adorable! A great gift for an avid reader, or an elephant lover, or both. This elephant loves reading a book in a quiet garden.

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While it may be designed as an outdoor statue, it can also be used inside. Being only 2.7 inches tall, it could even go in a flower pot!

12. Reading elephant garden statue

Another small reading elephant made by TopCollection, this different style is just as adorable.

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Around the same size as the previous, about 2.3 inches tall, it would even make a cute paperweight. Again, he is made of resin and hand-painted. So cute!

13. Outdoor elephant statue

This slightly more realistic elephant statue is good for indoor/outdoor use. Standing around 14 inches tall, you won’t miss him on a porch or in a garden.

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He looks so happy and will surely brighten up any garden.

14. Elephant lunch bag

Made of thick neoprene, this lunch bag will insulate your food for up to 4 hours. It has such a gorgeous design, it almost looks more like a purse than a lunch bag.

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The bag is eco-friendly and PVC and lead-free. This Art of Luch bag also has a zipper and comfortable handle.

Elephant Kitchen Gifts

15. Elephant coffee/tea mug

This little white mug is so cute! The elephant is simple yet classic, it features gold foil details and the sweet saying “and so the adventure begins” in cursive.

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It has a capacity of 18oz and the elephant’s trunk is the mug’s handle.

16. Three-piece elephant teapot set

This set is adorable! It features a white elephant teapot, of course with the trunk as the spout. It also has a white elephant cream pot and sugar dish.

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This set is so simple and so perfect! The teapot has a capacity of 28oz, the creamer has 11oz, and the sugar bowl has 10oz. The whole set is dishwasher safe and the teapot is microwave safe.

17. Customizable elephant mug

This white mug has a rainbow-colored elephant head and a customizable saying. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so there are no worries there.

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There are also two sizes, 11oz and 15oz. You’re family/friend will love having a personalized elephant mug!

18. Molded elephant mug

This little elephant is so cute! It’s very unique because it’s meant to be stored upside down, it just looks like a decoration. It’s perfect to put on your counter.

Check current price on Amazon

Microwave and dishwasher safe, this little guy is sure to bring a smile to the user’s face!

19. Hand sculpted elephant tea/coffee mug

This little elephant mug is so neat, it has a rustic feel. They are individually hand-sculpted, so each one is unique.

Check current price on Amazon

I love his little chubby feet! The elephant has a capacity of 14oz and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

20. Colorful elephant teapot

This teapot is a dream, I really want it. It looks so Willy Wonka, Dr. Seuss, Mad Hatter. It has such a dreamy feel. I love it!

Check current price on Amazon

Made of ceramic, this teapot is sure to make a great impression. The elephant has a passive interest and a funny little face.

21. Grumpy elephant teapot

This elephant teapot reminds me of Eeyore. He looks so sleepy and grumpy, but sweet. You’ll love drinking tea from this guys nose.

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He’s so chubby! This teapot is microwave and dishwasher safe.

22. Green elephant tea mug

This tea mug is so cute, it has a spot in the head for your teabag. It’s distressed so it looks like classy pottery.

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This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and holds 10oz of your favorite tea. The mug is classy and a perfect gift for your loved one.

23. Elephant sugar bowl

This cute little elephant loves sugar. It’s made of very durable porcelain, it’s microwave, freezer, and oven safe – up to 500 deg F!

Check current price on Amazon

It doesn’t only hold sugar; you could also use it for honey, jam, sauce, slaw, or other toppings and condiments. There are also options for a teapot and cream pot at the same link.

24. Wooden elephant coasters

These coasters are cute and well made. They have a soft cork back so they won’t scratch your table.

Check current price on Amazon

They also come with a dark wooden holder for the coasters, so they won’t clutter up your table. The little elephant designs are super cute and simple.

25. Elephant tea infuser

This little tea infuser is made of stainless steel and silicone. The silicone trunk will hold on to the side of your mug, and the stainless steel bottom will hold a lot of tea leaves.

Check current price on Amazon

Any elephant lover would love having the little elephant trunk sticking out of their tea.

26. Elephant wisdom coffee mug & keychain

This mug is so cute! It reminds me of pooh bear, the little elephant is so wide-eyed and happy.

Check current price on Amazon

The mug comes with a little elephant keychain and a matching wood coaster. The mug features sayings like “bee all ears” and “don’t work for peanuts” as well as many others.

27. Elephant salt & pepper holder

This elephant is a centerpiece for your table. The elephant is made of an aluminum alloy that doesn’t need polishing and won’t tarnish.

Check current price on Amazon

The shakers are glass with an easy screw-off top for pain-free refilling. The elephant measures roughly 5 x 3 x 3 inches, so it’s not too big. So classy!

28. Elephant spoon rest

This hand-crafted aluminum alloy elephant head is a great addition to any kitchen. The ear is depressed, so the juices from your spoon won’t spill on your counter.

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The rest is 8 x 3.5 inches, so it will hold spoons big and small. The elephant is also hand-polished so it has lots of character!

29. Elephant salt & pepper shakers

These little off-white salt and pepper shakers are so sweet. The trunks are intertwined and the elephants look sweetly in love.

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The shakers are about 3.5 inches tall and made of high-quality ceramic so they will last you!

30. Black & White elephant salt & pepper shakers

These cute little elephants have magnets on their trunks so they can stick together. The little elephants are in love and they want to make your food better!

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The shakers measure roughly 8 x 5 x 2 inches. They are so cute and will definitely brighten up your table!

31. Elephant molded coffee mug

This mug is so cool! The head looks like a real elephant, it’s a great collector’s item.

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The mug has a capacity of 14oz and is made of high-quality ceramic. Because of its special design, it’s fragile so it should only be hand-washed and shouldn’t be put in the microwave.

32. Jumbo elephant coffee/tea mug with infuser

This pottery mug is so cute! It’s beautiful and it has multiple color options. It comes with an infuser that can be used for tea, or for pour-over coffee.

Check current price on Amazon

The mug is great quality and it is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe so there are no worries there!

Bathroom Elephant Gifts

33. Elephant toilet paper holder

This toilet paper holder is the funniest thing! It will definitely liven up a bathroom, and make you smile every time you see it.

Check current price on Amazon

The resin elephant has a metal plate to mount it to the wall. This little guy definitely has multiple purposes, he’s decorative and functional!

34. Elephant shower hooks

These rust-resistant stainless steel shower hooks are so cute! They would pair well with any elephant shower curtain.

Check current price on Amazon

The hooks close, so your shower curtain won’t fall off. They also have five rollerballs so the hooks will easily slide along your rod.

35. Colorful elephant shower curtain

This shower curtain is made of polyester and is eco-friendly. The design is so colorful and will definitely lighten up your bathroom.

Check current price on Amazon

The curtain is machine washable so you won’t have to worry about it melting, like with some other shower curtains.

36. Funny elephant shower curtain

This funny shower curtain features an elephant sitting on a toilet. It also has a matching anti-slip rug.

Check current price on Amazon

This curtain is also made of waterproof, fast-drying polyester. And, it’s machine washable!

37. Elephant aroma diffuser

This cute little white elephant will make your bathroom (or anywhere, really) smell like your favorite fragrance.

Check current price on Amazon

Simply put some essential oils in the base and use until the reusable cotton wick dries out, and add another fragrance. You don’t even need any power or water!

38. Elephant baby hooded towel

This unisex hooded cotton towel is so cute, it will look adorable on the little one in your life.

Check current price on Amazon

This towel is machine washable and gentle for your baby’s skin. Plus, just think how cute they’ll look!!

39. Elephant bathrobe

This bathrobe is adorable and features an elephant trunk and ears on the hood. The hood, cuffs, and placket are lined with super cozy sherpa. So comfy!

Check current price on Amazon

This robe is great for lounging around the house or staying warm after a shower.

40. Elephant bathrobe with tusks

This is another option for an elephant bathrobe, this one has big eyes and little tusks. He’s so cute!

Check current price on Amazon

The robe also has pockets, so you don’t have to worry about where to put your phone.

41. Baby elephant bathrobe

This little robe is so cute and would be adorable on any youngster. Made of plush fleece, there are two color options: blue, and gray and pink.

Check current price on Amazon

This robe would look great for either gender and it would make such cute photos!

The robe is both soft on the baby’s skin – and a treat for you to snuggle.

42. Elephant hamper

This large fabric hamper has a big capacity, measuring roughly 19 x 15 inches. The little elephant designs are simple but very cute.

Check current price on Amazon

It would go great in any bathroom as it’s big enough to hold those big fluffy towels. Plus, it’s foldable so it’s easy to store.

43. Elephant beach towel

This cotton beach towel is gorgeous!! The colors are so vibrant, you won’t forget which towel is yours.

Check current price on Amazon

The Dean Russo artwork stands out and it’s so pretty. It’s super soft and perfect for the beach, bathroom, or pool!

Elephant Books

44. Elephant adult coloring book

This elephant coloring book is gorgeous and is full of intricate and detailed elephant pictures.

Check current price on Amazon

There are 40 single-sided pages, which is great because it reduces bleed-through and allows you to take out page by page for gifting or framing. And you get to use markers and color pencils!

45. Elephant Journal

This Peter Pauper Press journal is gorgeous! The elephant design is embossed and has gold foil accents.

Check current price on Amazon

There is also a nice gold ribbon and the 192 pages are edged with gilded-gold. This hardcover journal is an amazing personal book or anyone else.

46. The Story of Babar

Babar is known as one of the most beloved elephants of literature. The story has a pretty sad beginning, with Babar’s mother getting shot.

Check current price on Amazon

But towards the end, he makes friends, finds his cousins, and becomes king. It’s been the inspiration for lots of books and even a tv series. Pass this classic along!

47. The Saggy Baggy Elephant

The Saggy Baggy Elephant is such a sweet story, the awkward little elephant is unsure of himself. He faces bullying, but he also meets friends that teach him to love himself.

Check current price on Amazon

I loved this book when I was young, and it’s great to teach kids not to worry about what other people think!

Elephant stuffies

48. Homily Stuffed Elephant

This big guy is so cute! A great feature is that his eyes are embroidered, so he’s safe for little kids as there isn’t a choking hazard.

Check current price on Amazon

This guy is a great size (24 x 18 x 9 inches) so you can cuddle up to him, or even use him as a pillow!

cute elephant gifts

49. Ebba Plush Elephant

Talk about puppy dog eyes! I just want to squeeze this cutie. He’s got big shiny eyes that will make you say “awww!!”

Check current price on Amazon

There are lots of options for this stuffy. Including a small (9 inch), large (20 inch), and a grey or pink gift set!

50. Bedtime Originals Humphrey Elephant

This guy is adorable! He’s 9 inches tall and machine washable, for convenience.

Check current price on Amazon

Again, this guy has embroidered eyes, so you don’t have to worry about your baby removing and choking on the eyes.

51. Flappy the Elephant

This guy is interactive and customizable! You can have your baby’s name embroidered on Flappy’s ear in pink, black, or blue.

Check current price on Amazon

Flappy can play peekaboo and he can sing Do Your Ears Hang Low. His eyes are embroidered and he’s 12 inches tall. Batteries are included (3AAs).

52. Giant Stuffed Elephant

This big guy is 4 ft tall! Talk about huggable. He’s super fluffy and squeezable.

Check current price on Amazon

This guy even has a lifetime guarantee, meaning that Vermont Teddy Bear will replace or repair your elephant for free.

53. Fluffy Pink Elephant

This elephant is adorable! She’s sweet bubblegum pink and oh-so fluffy. It’s recommended that you hand-wash her, but she can be put in a laundry bag and washed on a gentle cycle and low temperature.

Check current price on Amazon

She does have plastic eyes, so she’s recommended for ages 3 and up. She’s super squishy! She also comes in blue and grey.


amazing elephant gifts


I hope you’ve enjoyed our picks for elephant gifts! Which will you be ordering? Is there another we should include? Let us know in the comments!