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62 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers: Best Gifts, Useful Gear, Decor, Clothing…

Cat lovers can be hard to buy for. This guide will make it a little easier. In this post, you’ll find a huge set of the best gifts for cat lovers. They include fun, decor, kitchen, clothing, quirky, and practical stuff for cats and cat owners.

gifts for cat lovers

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62 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Finding the right gift for a loved one can feel like an impossible task, but when you have a cat lover in your life, you can choose from a wide range of fun gifts.

These gifts range from clothing that they can proudly wear to office supplies they can use at home, school or work. You’ll also find some fun options for the kitchen and some gifts that they can share with their pets. You’re sure to find something on this list for the cat lover in your life

Cat lover gifts

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Before we get into some of the categories, let’s take a look at some of the best overall gifts for cat lovers. You’ll find products that pet owners can use with their pets such as catnip, which makes cats go a little nutty.

A cat door or a cat lounge can provide a cat with a little privacy and a fun space to lounge and play. Some of these gifts are perfect for new and first-time cat owners too.

1. Cat Weed

Catnip is a healthy and safe natural weed that cats love, but Cat Weed is a more potent form of that plant. It comes in resealable containers that hold one to 10 cups.

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A small amount of the weed will get cats excited and ready to play, but it also has a calming effect that many owners love.

2. Interior Cat Door

One of the most fun gift ideas for cat lovers is this cat door. Not only is it easy to install, but it features a design that resembles both the front and back ends of a cat.

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This door allows owners to keep their doors shut and have some privacy while still letting their cats come and go as they want.

3. Cat Lounge

Scratching posts provide cats with stimulation and help them keep their claws healthy. Instead of a boring scratching post, you can treat your loved one to a cat lounge.

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Made from cardboard that the designer recycled, it’s perfect for cats who love scratching and lounging.

4. Petcube

Cats can get all the daily stimulation they need with the Petcube, which is also suitable for dogs. It produces a bright light that cats love chasing around the room.

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With the included app, pet owners can use the cube to check in on their animals too.

5. Travel Bag

Taking one or more cats on vacation is easier than ever with this travel bag, which has plenty of space for what the animals need.

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The bag has multiple pockets on the inside for storing treats and food, and it comes with two collapsible bowls for food and water. It also has padded straps to keep the owner comfortable on long hikes and trips.

6. Cat Stroller

Give Fluffy an excuse to get out of the house with a stroller designed for cats. The lightweight mesh cover is breathable and helps cool air reach the pet.

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It has a zipper on the front that makes it easier to get the animal in and out of the stroller too.

7. Roomba

Even cats with short hair can shed quite a bit, which is why a Roomba is a great gift for cat owners. This model has 10 times the power that similar robotic cleaners do and will pick up pet hair and other allergens from the ground.

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It is compatible with devices for users to set up and control the vacuum while they’re away from home.

8. Cat Tunnel

Cats need a lot of stimulation, but cat trees and other products can take up a lot of space. With this cat tunnel, your loved one can save space at home.

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It comes in multiple colors to match their home and provides cats with three different access points. The tunnel is long enough for cats to lay down inside too.

Best gifts for cat lovers

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Practical Cat Gifts

As much as you might want to give someone a pet vacuum or another expensive gift, you might want to stick to gifts that are a little more practical.

Cats often crave privacy and places where they can get away from their humans, especially if there are new people or visitors in the house. You’ll see some practical options here.

This section also includes toys that help cats get and stay active. Not only do the toys help keep cats healthy, but they can also keep them happy.

9. Cat Perch

Called the best perch for cats in the world, the Kitty Cot is suitable for kittens and adult cats. It comes with two suction cups that you can attach to any window and a large perch covered in a type of outdoor fabric.

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This perch can also accommodate a small bed to make the spot more comfortable for a cat.

10. Cat Cave

Cats that crave their privacy and personal spaces will like this cat cave as much as their owners do. Made from Merino wool, it can stand up to the constant scratching and playing of the cat.

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A large hole on the front lets the cat get in and out with ease, but the interior also offers loads of space for the animal to play and relax.

11. Scoop

One job that no cat owner likes is the scooping and cleaning of the litter box. You can make that job a little easier with this scoop, which has an aluminum base.

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The handle has a rubber grip for added comfort, while the scoop itself uses durable aluminum. It comes in a jumbo size to help users scoop the box faster and has an ergonomic design for less user fatigue.

12. Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts

Homes with one cat or multiple pets will get plenty of use out of this cat condo. Measuring more than 57-inches tall, it has a hammock on the base, and closer to the top it has two hiding areas and two beds.

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The soft carpet covering the condo helps cats stay comfy, while the rope areas serve as scratching posts. This condo even has a few built-in toys.

13. Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Cats love chasing balls, but cat owners don’t love the way those balls can fly all over their home. An easy way to please both the owners and their pets is with a combo cat toy such as this one.

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It looks like three rings stacked on top of each other and has one ball on each level. Cats can bat the balls around to get the stimulation that they need, but the balls remain permanently locked onto the toy.

14. 24 Piece Toy Set with Tunnel

Perfect for families and individuals who just adopted their first cats, this toy set comes with more than 20 different toys. New owners can use the toys to get an idea of what their cats love and will play with regularly.

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The set features a tunnel that collapses to save space, which cats love playing in and running through. It also features feather toys and some balls.

15. Round Cat Bed: 20 inches

Suitable for most cats and some dog breeds, this pet bed can help those animals get the sleep that they need. The round shape allows the cat to stretch out and get into a comfortable position.

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It has a raised edge that gives the bed some much needed structure and a flannel top that feels softer than other beds do. This model also has canvas areas that help it last longer.

Cat gifts

Fun Gifts and Games for Cat Lovers

If you haven’t checked out board games lately, you might be surprised at how much they changed since you were a kid. You can now find games that test your skills and those that you can play with your kids.

Some of the best games for cat lovers include those that offer a twist on some of the classic games they once played and loved. You’ll also find some other fun gifts that will make cat lovers laugh.

16. Cat-Opoly

Cat-Opoly combines all the fun and excitement of Monopoly with adorable cats. Players do the same things they would in Monopoly, including using their money to purchase any properties from the board when they land on a spot.

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Instead of buying railroads or hotels though, they buy breeds such as a Maine Coon or a Siamese. The included tokens such as a can of tuna and a ball of yarn match the cat theme.

17. Sequence – Cat Edition

You might remember playing Sequence as a kid, but this version of Sequence offers a twist on that game. Instead of playing with plain cards, players receive cards printed with different pictures of cats.

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They take turns adding a chip to the board that matches one of those cards. The first player to get five chips in a row is the winner.

18. Cat Crimes Logic Game

ThinkFun designed Cat Crimes for board game lovers who wanted something different. Suitable for kids and adults, the game comes with cat tokens for up to six players.

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They use the included cards to solve a crime such as who swallowed the fish. It helps improve the problem solving and creative thinking skills of each player.

19. Here Kitty

With Here, Kitty, Kitty players get the chance to compete against each other as they add new cats to their collections. The game comes with 40 pieces shaped like cats in different colors and poses.

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It takes only 30 minutes to finish the entire game, which has quite a bit of replay fun and can accommodate between three and six players.

20. Doodling for Cat People

Doodling for Cat People might just be the best book for those who both enjoy doodling and spending time with their cats. Each page features a different activity or prompt that will get the creative juices flowing.

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Users will find tips on drawing cats and using their pets as inspiration for their doodles.

21. How to Tell if Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You (Book)

One of the funniest books for cat lovers is How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. Anyone who has a good sense of humor will laugh after seeing the title and the cover.

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The interior features comics originally featured on The Oatmeal website and 15 new comics not found anywhere else with hilarious titles such as “How to Pet a Kitty.”

Cat lover gifts ideas

Decor Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers often like decor gifts that they can use to decorate their homes. Though figurines and sculptures are a little more expensive than other gifts, you can find ideas for the cat lovers in your life that will fit your budget.

You might look for something a little funky such as a toilet paper holder for the bathroom or a cube that will help cats stay active and hone their hunting instincts. Many of the top gift items are perfect for decorating a new home too.

22. Hand-Painted Sculpted Cat Figure

Willow Tree makes a number of sculptures and figurines that collectors love such as this Love My Cat figure. Though it looks quite simple, it features a carved cat figurine standing on top of a solid base.

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The sculpture comes with an enclosure card to remind the owner that all cats have different personalities.

23. Kitty Toilet Paper Holder

Cats that love playing with toilet paper might like that paper even more when they see this TP holder in their humans’ bathrooms.

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Capable of holding a full eight rolls of toilet paper, it has a metal frame that looks like a cat, complete with legs that touch the floor and both a head and tail that stick out from around the toilet paper.

24. “Yes, I Really Do Need All These Cats” Cube

Those who do not have animals sometimes wonder if people with cats actually need more than one. When you treat a loved one to this decorative cube, you can let others know that you approve of those pets.

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It has a shabby chic design and features the phrase, “Yes, I really do need all these cats” across the front and small paw prints on each side.

25. “Don’t Let The Cat Out!” Hanger

Letting an indoor cat roam free outside is dangerous, which is why cat lovers will appreciate this door hanger. They can place it on their front doors or any interior doors to warn others of the cat’s presence.

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It helps visitors keep their eyes out for those animals and prevents indoor cats from getting outside and into other parts of the home.

26. “Cat Mom” Mug

Some moms have four-legged kids rather than those with two legs. Let the cat lady in your life know that you love her kids with this cat mom mug.

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Large enough to hold a full 14 ounces, the mug has a durable handle and can hold hot or cold liquids. It also has fun accents such as “meow” written on the inside and is safe to use in the microwave or dishwasher.

27. Cat Spoon Rest

This spoon rest can help a home cook organize a kitchen space and keep the stove clean.

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The curved spoon rest resembles a cat licking its lips and has the fun saying, “I licked the spoon” on the front. It even has two little adorable peaked ears on the top.

28. Cat Wearing Red Glasses Pillow

Not only does this cat pillow add some bright color to a space, but it can also add a touch of whimsy. The bright orange sunglasses that the cat on the pillow wears will make it fit right into a home with millennials or hipsters.

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It measures 18-inches by 18-inches and has a zipper for removing the cover from the pillow for washing.

29. Door Hanger

Cats have a tendency to go wherever they want, which is why some owners find their pets chilling on the top of doors and behind shelves.

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This funky door hanger will remind them of their cats because it resembles a cat hanging over the back of the door. Each of the cat’s paws serves as a hanger that is suitable for clothing and other items.

30. Cats by Fireplace Tapestry

This tapestry features an image of two cats and works in two different ways. It has a sweet look that some will want to display as a wall hanging in their homes.

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This tapestry also works well as a blanket, especially on a cold night. It is large enough to curl up with or to use as a blanket on a full or queen bed.

31. Cat Welcome Mat

As soon as visitors arrive, they’ll know that your loved one is a cat lover when they see this door mat waiting for them.

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This simple mat has welcome in large black letters across the top and an image of a black cat off to one side with its tail wrapped around its body. It’s a great way for cat lovers to welcome their guests.

32. Framed Cats Shower Curtain

If you know a cat lover who likes displaying photos of their cats around their home, give them the gift of this cat shower curtain. The front of the curtain features images of adorable cats inside photo frames.

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It has reinforced holes along the top for use with curtain hooks and is machine washable for quick cleaning.

Gifts for cat owners

Kitchen Gifts for Cat Lovers

Television shows such as “Top Chef” and “Masterchef” introduced a whole new generation of people to the world of cooking. The popularity of the Food Network helped people realize that they could make some great dishes at home too.

If you have friends and family on your gift list who love cooking and/or baking as much as they love their cats, you can treat them to any of the following kitchen gifts.

33. Cat Pattern Rolling Pin

Making intricate and elaborately decorated cookies is easy with this rolling pin. Made from wood, it measures more than 15-inches long and features dozens of images of cats.

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When bakers use the pin to roll out their cookies, it will leave behind impressions of cats in the dough.

34. Kitty Cat Cookie Cutters

This cat gift set is a great gift for anyone who loves baking, it comes with both a cookbook and cookie cutters. The three cookie cutters let bakers make different types of cat cookies and are made of durable metal.

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With the included book, bakers will get tips on baking and decorating their finished cookies.

35. Mini Cat Shaped Mold

Give bakers a reason to reach for some sweet ingredients with this cat mold, which is easy to use.

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This 3D mold is perfect for cakes and other sweet treats and turns out desserts that they can decorate in any way they want. It is also easy to clean and safe to use in the microwave.

36. Cat’s Meow Apron

Even the most experienced of cooks can spill things on their clothing when working at home. Your favorite chef can get some protection with this cat apron.

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It has a classic design with straps that go over the shoulder and extra fabric in the front that features black cats on a white background.

37. Black and White Cat Oven Mitts

One of the biggest mistakes that a home cook can make is touching a hot pan without an oven mitt. With two oven mitts included in this set, home cooks get all the protection that they need.

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Each mitt is resistant to high temperatures and will fit on large or small hands.

38. Cat Shaped Measuring Spoons

Both home bakers and cooks will like whipping up meals with these measuring spoons at home. The ceramic spoons are perfect for coffee and tea and cooking ingredients such as dried spices and sugar.

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A soft piece of fabric keeps the spoons tied together for convenient storage too.

39. Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

Whether creating dishes for their family, friends or pets, cat ladies and guys will like using this set of measuring cups. The four cups all stack together to reduce wasted space. Each one looks like a cute little cat.

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Made from a ceramic material, the cups are safe to use with both wet and dry ingredients.

40. Cat Love Towel Set

The Beatles said that all you needed in the world was love, but this set of towels for cat lovers let the world know that you also need a cat.

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Each of the two included towels is a great size for cleaning up kitchen spills. The towels have a fun pattern and are machine washable.

Unique gifts for cat owners

Clothing Gifts for Cat Lovers

As much as cat lovers might want to take their pets with them, they usually need to leave those animals at home. With clothing gifts for cat lovers, you can let your loved ones carry their cat love into the world.

Not only will you find clothing suitable for cat loving ladies and gents, but you’ll find some fun accessories such as socks too.

41. Cat in a Teacup: Women’s Shirt

Anyone who loves cats will love this cat shirt. It has a slightly oversized design that is comfortable to wear. The short sleeves, scoop neck and lightweight design keep the wearer from overheating too.

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It features a cat wearing glasses and sitting in a teacup on the front.

42. Cute Cat Socks

Though many people wear socks every day, they often wear plain socks that are solid colors. Give your loved one an excuse to dress in a fun way with these cat socks.

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The set comes with four pairs that each feature a different cat design. This set fits both men and women.

43. Womens Paw Shirt

Thanks to the paw prints stretched across the front of this shirt, any woman can let the world know that she loves her cat.

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You can pick from different colors based on what shades your loved one likes and choose from different sizes too.

44. “Crazy Cat Baby” Onesie

This adorable little onesie shows that cat lovers come in all sizes. Designed for babies, it is perfect for both boys and girls. Parents will love that they can easily put it on and take it off their children.

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They can even leave it on as they change diapers.

45. Adult Cat Pajamas

Made from 100% polar fleece, these pajamas are perfect for wearing on a cold night. Not only will they keep your loved one warm, but they will prevent overheating too.

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Available in small through extra large sizes, the pajamas have buttons down the front that makes them easy to get on and off. They also feature an adorable cat design on the hood.

46. Space Cat Women’s Tank

Cute cats exploring space is a popular design for cat lovers. Delight the cat lover in your life with this tank top featuring an adorable cat on a colorful space background.

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The tank is safe to toss in a washing machine. It comes in multiple sizes ranging from small to extra large to fit everyone on your gift list.

47. Felina Glitter Cat Ears Headband

Whether watching a cat show on television or heading to a show in person, the cat lover in your life can get a lot of wear out of this headband, which adjusts to fit both adult and child size heads.

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The headband uses a thin piece of metal wrapped in fabric for a comfortable fit. It also features two puffy ears that look like cat ears covered in glitter.

Quirky and Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Why settle for a basic cat gift that anyone could buy? You can find some quirky and unique gifts for cat lovers that are unlike anything they or you have seen before. These gifts are perfect for all occasions and will make recipients know that you love their pets.

48. Wine Stopper

A bottle of wine begins going bad as soon as the air hits the liquid inside. With this wine stopper, your loved one can preserve that wine and save it for a later occasion.

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This wine stopper looks like a black cat peering deep down inside the bottle and will fit any type of wine bottle.

49. Cat Wine Holder

This wine holder is an elegant and functional gift idea for the cat lover in your life. It features real metal curved and twisted together to form a cat that holds a wine bottle in its paws.

Check current price on Amazon

The paint used on the cat is environmentally safe, which makes this a good choice for loved ones who care about the environment.

50. Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

If there is anything funnier than the way a cat wiggles its butt, cat lovers can’t find it. That is why they love this set of magnets.

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Each package comes with six magnets that each look like the back end of a cat. With multiple designs, your cat lovers will find magnets that match their feline friends.

51. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

If you have a friend who cherishes her crazy cat lady nature, treat her to this crazy cat lady action figure.

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Designed to resemble a woman with long blond hair, this figure comes inside a window box and dressed in pajamas and a pink bathrobe. She has several cats on her body and comes with a series of cat figures too.

52. Beware of Cat Sign

There are a number of memes about cats exposing their bellies as a way to lure in victims before they attack. This sign for cat owners takes that meme to the next level.

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The adorable cat featured on the sign shows sharp teeth that give an added layer to the sign’s warning that the owner is not responsible for injuries caused by the animal. It serves as a fun addition to any cat home.

53. Cat Bathroom Sign

Cats are curious creatures who love getting into trouble. This funny and whimsical sign is one that a cat lover will want to hang in a bathroom.

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It warns users to put the toilet seat down before they leave to keep the cat from drowning. The sign features MDF wood with a rope handle and adds a touch of humor to the bathroom.

54. Cat Butt Tissue Holder

There is nothing worse than a cold that just won’t quit. With this tissue holder, your loved one will laugh every time he or she reaches for a tissue.

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Designed to look like a large cat, it can hold a standard size box and lets users pull tissues from the cat’s bottom. This tissue holder will put a smile on the face of anyone who loves cats and a little bathroom humor.

55. I Could Pee on This: Poetry Book

Cat owners know that sometimes they just need to laugh, and this book will provide hours of laughs. “I Could Pee on This” is unlike any book of poems ever published before.

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It contains poems written from the point of views of cats and tells some funny stories. Cat lovers will like sharing these jokes and poems with others.

Tech and Office Gifts for Cat Lovers

With tech and office gifts, cat lovers can listen to music on the go and get work done while showing their love of these four-legged animals.

Headphones and cameras are great for those who spend a lot of time at home and those who work out of home offices. Other gifts are suitable for those who work outside of the home and those who are in school.

56. Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones

Listening to music is more fun with headphones inspired by the ones that Ariana Grande made popular. The headphones feature a replica of her signature on the earphone and tiny little silver cat ears on the top.

Check current price on Amazon

They also connect wirelessly to let the user sync the headphones with a phone or music player when working around the house or outside.

57. Cat Flash Drive

Keeping track of work projects and school assignments is easy with this cat flash drive, which has a 64GB storage capacity and looks like an adorable little cat paw.

Check current price on Amazon

It is compatible with any device that has a USB port and is easy to carry. Your cat lover can toss the flash drive into a pocket or a bag to use it at home, school and work.

58. Security Pet Cam: 2-Way Audio, Night Vision

With this pet security camera, pet lovers can keep track of their animals while they’re away from home. Similar to a security camera, it works in any area of the home.

Check current price on Amazon

Users can download an app that lets them monitor and view the camera to check on their pets every day. It also offers panoramic views of the home’s interior spaces.

59. Funny Cat Mouse Pad

Cat lovers will get a kick out of this mouse pad. It features a pale background and a design that shows multiple cats with a funny phrase about cats. Anyone who uses a desktop computer can use this pad with a mouse.

Check current price on Amazon

It keeps the mouse from scratching the table or desk and keeps it safe from pet hair and other debris.

60. Funny Cat Mug

Those who treat their cats as their kids will like this mug because it expresses the work that it takes to have pets but shows that they love their animals.

Check current price on Amazon

Though this mug is perfect for drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or some hot tea in the afternoon, it also works with cold drinks.

61. Cat Paper Clips

Doing work at home or at school is fun with these clips. Each set comes with 60 clips in different colors that all look like cats.

Check current price on Amazon

The clips retain their shape with constant use and are easy to use when attaching papers together. Users will like having paperclips that they can use at home and at work.

62. Cat Note Dispenser

Keep track of reminders and important things with a unique set of notes. Designed to look like a cute little cat, this holder can store up to three packs of notes.

Check current price on Amazon

Cat lovers can replace the included notes with new sticky notes to get more use out of the holder. They’ll think of their cats each time they reach for a note.

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