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70 Super Fun Llama Gifts (The Best Gift Ideas for Llama Lovers)

Are you looking for some great llama gifts? Look no further than this list! You’ll find some great gifts for everyone; kids and adults. These llama gifts will make a great impression.

Whether you’re trying to find a fun party prop or some classy home decor, I’ve got you covered!

llama gifts

Are you looking for a gift for family or friends? Or maybe you want to treat yourself to some amazing llama stuff.

And if you find something you like, you could always send a hint to a friend or family member by sending them a link to this post!

Table of Contents

Funny Llama Gifts

1. One Size Fits All Spitting Llama Hat

Made to look like a llama getting ready to spit, this hat is a fun accessory to wear when tailgating before a big game or when hosting a big party.

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The hat also featured a “one size fits all” adjustable band, so it’s great for adults and kids.

2. Rubber Llama Head

Another fun gift for party animals is a rubber llama head.

It fits most adults, even those who wear glasses and has eye holes in the llama’s nose.

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This head is sure to crack up your friends; maybe freak out your pets.

3. Llama Parking Only Sign

This aluminum parking sign is a fun addition to any room and will work inside or outside to let others know your loved one is a fan of llamas.

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And if your workplace allows it, it would be a great sign to put at your parking spot. I may have to get this one for my office…

4. Sloth Riding Llama Wall Art

I love this one, it’s just too funny. At 16 X 20, this artwork is perfect for hanging in any room and features a funny image of a sloth riding on the back of a llama.

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To me, this piece balances the quirky and dreamy. Obviously, a sloth riding a llama gives you a bit of a nerdy aesthetic. But the colors are muted so it just gives off a really fun feel!

Outdoor Llama Gifts

5. Llama Tote Bag

Whether heading to the beach, going to work or school or just running errands, llama fans will like carrying this tote bag, which features rope handles and an attached wallet in a matching llama printed fabric.

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I love that it has a removable wallet that you could use even when you don’t want to use the whole bag; depending on the situation.

6. Crossbody Llama Phone Purse

This little purse is so cute! It has a steampunky vibe that I love.

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The adjustable straps on this steampunk phone purse make it easy for anyone to carry it.

It can hold a phone and some more of your own or your loved ones needed accessories.

Technology Gifts for Llama Lovers

7. Llama Mood Light

Capable of creating the perfect mood, this mood light has a contemporary, yet retro design that appeals to llama fans.

It produces a soft light that makes it perfect for use as a nightlight.

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These mood lights are super in right now, and I think this one would go perfect with a cactus light.

8. Llama Mouse Pad

Llama fans who use desktop computers will like this mouse pad. The image features a llama on a soft pink back.

It’s cute, yet classy so it works in various situations.

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9. Soft Llama Kid’s Headphones

These headphones for kids feature a soft cloth headband to fit their heads and an earphone that keeps the volume at a safe level for children.

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They also fold for travel and come with an audio sharing port. 

10. Llama Mouse Pad

Another fun mouse pad for the animal lover in your life is this one, which features the image of a llama in glasses on the front and a soft back that won’t scratch or damage the user’s desk.

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This llama has a bit of a nerdy-hipster feel to it that’s sure to make you smile!

Learn more about the differences between llamas and alpacas.

Kitchen Llama Gifts

11. Formed Llama Coffee Mug

Shaped and formed to look like a chubby little llama, this coffee mug has a thick handle and a ceramic design that retains heat to keep drinks hot or cold.

Also, it features the adorably punny “Como te llama?”

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This mug needs to be handled with love, as it is recommended that you don’t put it in the dishwasher.

12. Llama Mia Parody Mug

Fans of the Broadway show and film “Mama Mia” will get a kick out of this parody mug.

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It features a llama wearing an ABBA outfit with the phrase, “Llama mia! Here I go again” across the bottom. Puntastic!

13. Llama Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Those on the go will appreciate this water bottle set. The water bottles that use stainless steel to keep drinks as cold as possible.

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The llamas look so happy! On Amazon, there are three llama options for this bottle, as well as tons of other animals.

14. Llama Chip Clips

For me, it seems like I always need clips for my snack bags or trail mix but I never have them. I love these cute little clips, they seem very sturdy, since they are made of wood.

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Chips begin going bad as soon as you open the bag, but these chip clips will keep those snacks fresher for longer.

15. Llama and Cactus Cookie Cutter, Set of four

These cookie cutters are super cute, they have two different llama shapes and two cactus shapes, which makes a great plate of cookies for parties. And, if you give these to a friend, you may just get some cookies as a thank-you.

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These cutters are steel plated with tin for years of baking. As a plus, this set also includes a little recipe book.

16. Llama Mug and Tea Gift Set

This gift set includes a cute chubby llama mug and a cute box of chamomile tea.

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With a mug shaped like a llama and a bag of Llots of Llove tea included, this gift will brighten anyone’s day.

The llama is adorable and features a sweet smile and a cute little blanket.

17. Tall Llama Mug

As a taller mug, this cup can hold up to 14 ounces of your loved one’s favorite drink and put a smile on his her face due to the llama design on the front.

Check current price on Amazon

This llama has a bit more of a modern minimalist design with a gray background and a couple of cute llamas.

18. Mint Color Llama Mug

With a capacity of 16 ounces, this mint colored mug is a great choice for caffeine or tea addicts who need their caffeine fix first thing in the morning and anyone who loves both llamas and this minty color.

Check current price on Amazon

There are a few other color combos on the Amazon page as well, so you’ll probably find the color you like most!

19. Llama Tea Infuser

Made from BPA free silicone, this tea infuser makes brewing a cup of tea more fun because it lets users place a llama right in their cups.

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This llama is so cute and it won’t affect the flavor of your tea. The infuser is also microwave and dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about hand-washing it.

20. Llama Measuring Cups

Making cookies and baking other delicious treats is easy with this set of measuring cups. The set comes with four ceramic cups that stack together to create a llama design.

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You’ll want to keep these measuring cups on your counter, they double as practical and decorative. They have a very clean design, with nothing sticking off. While they are ceramic, it’s recommended that you hand-wash them.

21. Llama Salt and Pepper Shakers

These ceramic hand-painted llama salt and pepper shakers are so cute! They double as classy llama figurines and practical shakers.

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They will definitely give your kitchen/dining room a whimsical, Latino feel. I really want these!!

Bathroom Llama Gifts

22. Colorful Llama Shower Curtain

With a llama shower curtain, anyone can transform their bathroom because of the bright and bold colors and the adorable llamas printed on the outside.

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This is a very cute choice, the llamas have an air of “no drama.” They look defiant to the outside world.

23. Colorful Llama Bath Mat

This bath mat matches the above shower curtain so they would make a great pair in your friend or family’s bathroom. I know I would love to receive a nice bathroom set like this.

Check current price on Amazon

Because of the different colors of the llamas, you might even choose to buy the person a set of pink, blue, and mint towels to match their new shower curtain and bathmat!

24. Cactus and Llama Shower Curtain

Another shower curtain your loved one might like is this one, which features deep shades of green as well as images of succulents and cacti sitting on top of a llama.

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The llama just looks so happy and content, it’s impossible not to smile with them! The colors are so deep it almost has a 3-D quality.

25. Classy Llama Shower Curtain

A more modern and contemporary shower curtain for llama lovers is this one, which uses shades of pink, aqua and gray and features different types of llamas on the front.

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The stripes just make it look so clean and modern. It has clear color divisions which would make it easy to match with towels or bath mats.

Books for Llama Lovers

26. Llama Coloring Book

With dozens of pages included, this coloring book helps adults and kids reduce stress and have fun as they color those pages with gel pens and other art supplies.

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The llama on the cover gives a good indication of what’s inside; adorable llamas!

27. Llama Journal/Diary

Give a close friend or family member the chance to record inner thoughts with this journal.

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It has embossed images of llamas printed over a pale blue background, lined pages on the inside and an elastic band that keeps the diary shut.

Llama Toys and Games

28. Original No Prob-Llama Plush

You must remember one of the images that started all this no drama llama craze: the no probllama llama. Well, now you can own your very own!

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Unlike some other plush toys, this plush llama comes with a birth certificate that lets your loved one officially adopt the animal after getting it.

29. I ❤ Llamas Craft Set

For all the DIY-er kids out there, you will love this! Loaded with arts and crafts supplies, this craft set makes it easy for anyone to do six different llama-themed projects.

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It features a little DIY stuffed llama, llama cutouts you can hang, a llama keychain, a llama sign to hang on your door, and more!

30. Llama String Art

You might remember the fun of making string art in school, but now you can let a loved one recreate that fun with a llama string art kit that comes with yarn and instructions on how to make the fun pictures.

Check current price on Amazon

This art is super cute, and you will feel great after finishing it. String art is very classic and artsy!

31. DIY Llama Yarn Figure

Yarn dolls are quite popular today, and this DIY llama yarn figure comes with everything needed to make a yarn llama doll and instructions on making additional figures.

Check current price on Amazon

This guy is super cute and could become a double-gift: you could give it to your friends or family, and they might make a gift for you with it!

32. Llama Llama Gift Set

Let a loved one enjoy all the fun of the Llama Llama series with this gift set. It comes with a stuffed llama llama in his red pajamas with his little llama teddy and four board books that are suitable for young readers.

Check current price on Amazon

For any fan of the series, this set will be a real treat. The youngster can snuggle with the llama while you read to them, or while you help them to read the books on their own. It’s a great set!

33. Llama Llama Talking Plush

If you’re not ready to spring for the full gift set, this plush from Cuddle Barn is a good alternative. He is adorable and has a very cute smiling face. He even reads lines from the book when you press his hand

Check current price on Amazon

Fans of the “Llama Llama” books and Netflix series will love having a Llama Llama figure of their own. It’s a great gift for nieces, nephews, new parents, or grandchildren.

34. Talking Mama Llama and Llama Llama Figure

As a step up from the Llama Llama plush, the Mama Llama features mother and son. Standing 14-inches tall, she is fully animated and reads along with the included book.

Check current price on Amazon

We all love reading books to kids, but let’s be honest: it gets a little tiring when they want the same book 20 times in a row.

This toy fixes that problem! They can just have Mama Llama read the Llama Llama book to them.

Okay, I’m done with Llama Llama now. The reason I’ve featured so many of their products is that they are great and super sweet. Now on to other llama stuff!

35. Fuzzy Figure

Cuddle Toys made this fuzzy figure for those who love llamas. It has soft fur and looks just like the real animal.

Check current price on Amazon

While I love cartoony llamas and figures as much as anyone else, this plush is amazing. It is realistic and adorable. It’s so fluffy!!

36. Fuzzy Llama

Kids and adults will enjoy cuddling up to a fuzzy llama of their own. This llama is so soft and cuddly that you may have a hard time giving it away.

Check current price on Amazon

This llama can stand on its own and it’s possible. As the description on Amazon says, the wires are protected with plush fabric and there are no sharp points. So you have nothing to worry about!

Llama Photography Gifts

37. Llama Backdrop

Give your loved one a new excuse to throw a party with a llama backdrop that features an adorable llama, cactuses, and bright colors that are suitable for any party.

Check current price on Amazon

It says “A Whole Llama Fun.” Everyone loves a good pun, and this backdrop will go great with some of the props below!

38. Mexican Llama Backdrop

Those who love throwing parties will like having this Mexican-style backdrop, which features a llama and a cactus as well as fun accents that match the party theme.

Check current price on Amazon

The backdrop comes folded, so it’s suggested to roll it in a tube overnight to remove the crease. If you need to iron it, make sure to do it from the back, not the printed side.

39. Llama 20 Piece Photo Booth Props

With an impressive 20 included pieces, this photo booth prop set is suitable for any party. The props are reusable for future parties too.

Check current price on Amazon

These props will pair great with the backdrops for an amazing llama party. It has some great llama stuff, but also some fun glasses, mustaches, cactuses, and funny speech bubbles.

40. Llama Photo Props

These props are all about llamas. There are tons of llama faces and llama glasses, they are so much fun!

Check current price on Amazon

Parties will become even more fun with a set of props in a llama theme. Guests can have fun posting for pictures with any of the 10 included pieces.

Llama Clothing and Apparel

41. Llama Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks such as these llama socks are perfect for those who want more comfort and warmth. The llama design works well with the socks’ hot pink color.

Check current price on Amazon

They work great for casual and dress socks.

42. Como Se Llama T-Shirt

Available in different colors and sizes, this t-shirt has a classic design that features “como se llama” on the front and uses shrunk cotton for a better fit.

Check current price on Amazon

The llama design is super cute and minimalist. It looks clean and balances the quirky with classy perfectly!

43. Cute Llama Socks

With a pair of these cute socks on, your loved one will feel happy, even if no one can see them. The set comes with two different pairs that each feature llamas.

Check current price on Amazon

These llama socks have such bright, happy colors! And who couldn’t smile at little llamas wearing hats?!

44. Super Soft Llama Fuzzy Socks

Designed for women, these fuzzy socks can fit some men too. They look like real little llamas with the cutest little faces!

Check current price on Amazon

They have a non-slip bottom, so you won’t be slipping around the house while you wear these slippers/socks.

Llama Sleeping Gifts

45. Llama Comforter Set

Anyone will like falling asleep under a llama comforter. It’s warm enough for use on winter nights.

Check current price on Amazon

This comforter has the same pattern as one of the shower curtains from above. It is so beautiful, I really want this one! I love the modern design coupled with the quirkiness of llama.

46. Llama Sheet Set

Add a fun touch to any child’s bedroom with a set of llama sheets. The twin size is perfect for a kid’s bed, and the bright colors will appeal to them.

Check current price on Amazon

These sheets aren’t only for kids! The pattern is so cute, it will surely make any fun-spirited person smile.

47. Llama Throw

Available in two colors, your loved one can stay warm and toasty with this llama throw blanket. It features designs on both sides and is reversible.

Check current price on Amazon

This cute throw matches the comforter and shower curtain above, so you could have a full matching set! I do really like this pattern 😂.

Office Llama Gifts

48. Llama Pencil Cup

Help a friend or relative stay organized with a pencil cup made from durable metal that will stand up to daily use in any office.

Check current price on Amazon

The cup is 3×4″, it can be used as a pencil cup, but it could also be a good toothbrush cup; or something…

49. Tin Box

Kids and anyone else who needs to keep track of pens and other office supplies will like this tin box, which has a metal clasp that keeps it tightly closed.

Check current price on Amazon

The box matches the cup, so they would pair great together on a desk! Being an amateur artist, I would love to put paintbrushes in when traveling.

50. Llama To Do List

“Llama do this now” is a phrase printed on each sheet of this to do list along with the image of the animal. It lets your loved one create lists of everything he or she needs to do.

Check current price on Amazon

These little notes are a great way to jot down ideas and things you need to do before you forget them.

Llama Car Gifts

51. Llama Decal

Perfect for applying to a trunk or a window, this decal shows a llama peeking out. It also works on computers and other flat surfaces.

Check current price on Amazon

This little decal is adorable and a perfect fit for any llama lover!

52. Llama Hipster Decal

Hipsters can show off their fun sides with this hipster-style decal that features a llama wearing sunglasses. It stands up well when used outdoors and is easy to apply.

Check current price on Amazon

The llama is also very simple and clean, being only outline art. It’s super cute and funny.

53. No Drama Llama Keychain

Here’s another no drama llama for you! This guy is adorable and his enamel design can stand up to wear and tear.

Check current price on Amazon

I love that he also has a clip, not just a key ring. It makes it much easier to attach to things!

54. Plush Llama Keychain

This keychain is perfect for hanging from a set of keys or a backpack. It has a large plastic clip attached to an adorable and soft plush llama.

Check current price on Amazon

Another good thing about this little guy is that he is surface washable, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting him dirty.

55. Cute Llama Decal

Easy to apply, this llama decal will fit on any vehicle. It’s a bit more of a colorful option, I love how cheery the llama looks.

Check current price on Amazon

It is waterproof to save the design from rain and snow and will not fade in the sun. You also have size options!

Llama Jewelry Gifts

56. Surgical Steel Llama Earrings

Any woman who loves llama with love these steel earrings!

Check current price on Amazon

The pair features silver llamas attached to a surgical steel post that lets her show off her love for these animals, without causing irritation ;).

57. Llama Jewelry Holder

Give her a place to store her favorite pieces with this jewelry holder. It features a llama that can hold rings and other jewelry and a base that is a great catch-all dish.

Check current price on Amazon

The llama is so cute and calm-looking, they would look great wherever she keeps her jewelry!

58. Llama Jewelry Holder

Keep that special someone from losing her jewelry with this jewelry holder. The llama is the perfect size for holding rings, while the base can accommodate necklaces and other jewelry.

Check current price on Amazon

There is also another color scheme on the same Amazon page!

Llama Stationery

59. Llama Invitation Cards

Help someone you care about (that includes yourself) throw an amazing party with invitation cards shaped like llamas.

Check current price on Amazon

They can add all the information necessary to let guests know about the event. Plus, they’ll add to the fun party feel!

60. Llama Thank You Cards

The next time you get a great gift, give thanks with a fun llama thank you card. You can give a loved one a whole set too.

Check current price on Amazon

These cards have a modern-yet-classy feel with the cute llama with sunglasses and a flower pot on their back.

61. Llama Get Well Cards

Let someone you love know that you care with a get well soon card. The llama on the front has a cute look, while the message inside is customizable.

Check current price on Amazon

Inside, it says “Get Well!” This is great because you have lots of room to personalize your message. These are sure to make your sick friends or family smile.

Llama Decor & Housewares

62. Llama Nightlight

Kids and adults can get the sleep they need with this llama nightlight. It produces a soft light that won’t disrupt their sleep and a fun cloud llama design.

Check current price on Amazon

Another great thing about this cute little llama is that it’s battery-powered, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over cords or finding somewhere to plug it in. You can put it wherever you want!

63. Llama Hanging Wall Organizer

This is a great wall organizer that you can hang anywhere. It has deep pockets that can store dozens of things and a cute llama design across the front.

Check current price on Amazon

These organizers are great for whatever you want: shoes, makeup, art supplies…

64. Giant Llama Wall Decal

Perfect for both nurseries and bedrooms, this giant wall decal will add a fun touch. It goes on easily and won’t leave behind residue on the wall.

Check current price on Amazon

It’s classy enough that, for the right person, it could even work well in a living room! I love the soft colors, the llama is so cute.

65. Llama String Lights

Whether decorating for a party or fun, llama lovers will love these string lights. Featuring shades of pink and blue, these can really light up a room.

Check current price on Amazon

These little guys would be great mood lights in a bedroom too… I might have to get some ;).

66. Llama Duster

Make cleaning a little more fun with this duster that looks like a llama. It even has adorable little googly eyes.

Check current price on Amazon

No more hiding the duster under the counter! This little dude is so cute, you could put him anywhere.

67. Llama Candle Holder

The fun look of this candleholder resembles a little chubby llama. It comes with a candle inside and is reusable once the candle melts.

Check current price on Amazon

He looks so peaceful, he will definitely make you feel more peaceful too!

68. Llama Catchall Dish

Every time your loved one uses this catchall dish, they will think of you. It’s adorable!

Check current price on Amazon

It has a convenient size and features original artwork from Eli Halpin on the front.

69. Llama Flower Pot

Anyone who likes planting will love this flower pot. Not only does it look like an adorable llama, but it has a drainage hole to prevent overwatering.

Check current price on Amazon

He is also very minimalistic, being solid white. So it will fit with a modern yet quirky style.

70. Llama Entry Mat

Let your loved one welcome guests in style with this entry mat. Designed for outdoor use, it features an adorable llama on the top.

Check current price on Amazon

This little dude also matches some of the decor from earlier.

llama stuff

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What was your favorite gift on the list? Have one you think we should add? Let us know in the comments, and let us know which gift you got for yourself or your family and friends.